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Electromagnetic Flowmeter
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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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EMF-A_Flange integrated type

WP-EMF series electromagnetic flowmeter is developed based on using experience in domestic and oversea fields. It is not only durable and easy to operate, but also has stable stability with HF and LF excitation which can adapt to bad environment in fields. It is widely apply to flow measurement for many industrial department such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, light and textile industry, papermaking, environment protection, food etc. and municipal management, water projects construction field etc.

Model: WP-EMF-A 

Installation modes: Flange integrated type   

Language selection: Chinese and English


Electrode material:316, Hb, Hc, Ti, Ta

Inside lining material: PTEE, PFA, F46, chloroprene rubber (CR)

Medium:conducting liquid (include solid liquid two phase body)

Accuracy grade: 0.2%, 0.5%, 1.0% (DN10~DN200)

0.5%, 1.0% (DN250~DN2000)

Medium conductivity:>5μS/cm(water >20μs/cm)

Excitation mode: LF square wave excitation, HF square wave excitation (apply to serosity measurement)

Flow velocity scope: 0.1~15m/s (flow unit selectable)

Connection flange: GB/T9119-2010

Medium temperature: -40~+80℃

Rated pressure:0.6Mpa~4.0Mpa (divided according to aperture, refer to type spectrum table

Protection grade:IP67

Output signal: 4~20mA output, frequency/pulse, alarm

Communication:  RS485,RS232,HART (selected)

Hollow tube measurement:measuring hollow tube function without electrodes, continuous measurements, fix value alarm

Record function: record of power-fail time, automatic record of power break time of instrument system, make up flow left out (for option)

Infrared remote control: infrared hand-hold operational keyboard (for option)

Application:Acid, alkali, water supply and drainage, food, paper pulp, ore pulp etc.

Display:Flow rate, flow, percentage, integrating flow, fault alarm etc.

Supply power:220V AC, 24V DC

Mark of explosion proof:Exd ⅡCT6 (for option)


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