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361G Series Monocrystal Silicon Gauge

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• Adopt MEMS monocrystal silicon high-precision pressure sensor
• With high response speed and stability
• Measurement accuracy0.04 - 0.075%FS
• The max. range ratio can reach to 100:1
• Adopt double overload protection technology
• With strong overload capability, the unidirectional pressure can reach to 20MPa
• Provide standard HART bus communication mode
• Sophisticated self-diagnosis and telecommunication function
• Highlighted LCD with backlight
• Local display screen which can rotate by 360º
• Convenient local zero clearing function
• Convenient local zero point, extreme point setting and calibration function
• Convenient local current loop calibration function
Performance index
The overal performance is the composition error based on the reference accuracy,

ambient temperature effects and range static-pressure effects.
Accuracy index
±0.04 - 0.075%FS range (conventional)
≤±0.15%FS/5 years

Concrete performance index

(Zero-base range, reference conditions, silicone oil filling liquid, 316 stainless steel isolation

diaphragm, 4~20mA analog output, the digital fine-tuning value is equal to the set point value of range.)

(The reference accuracy includes hysteresis, linear, setting ability and repeatability, which are based on terminal.) 
     ±0.04 - 0.075% range
    If the range is less than X
    ±[0.015+0.05 ]%
       X value:

Damping time constant
The total damping time constant is equal to the sum of the damping time constants of amplifier unit and diaphragm capsule.

The damping time constant of amplifier unit is adjustable within the range of 0~100s.
Diaphragm capsule (silicone oil)      
Time constant (s) (The time constant can be set according to the actual situation of field and is recommended 1S)    


Influence of installation position
The changing of installation position, which is parallel to the surface of diaphragm, will not cause the effect of null shift. If the

change between the installation position and the surface of diaphragm do not exceed 90°, the null shift within 0.4KPa can

be corrected by zero setting without influencing the range.


Influence of power supply
 Less than ±0.005% range/v

Functional parameter
  The limit value of range and sensor

Table 1: Range of 361G transmitter and limit value of sensor

Zero point and range adjustment requirements
  ·The zero point and range can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range limit value indicated in Table 1.
·The range should be larger than or equal to the min. range indicated in Table 1.

    Measurement of liquid, gas and steam

Two-wire 4-20mA, linear output or square root output is selectable for users. Digital process variable overlays on the 4-20mA

signal, which can be applied to the host machines according with HART protocol.

Power supply
Need external power supply. While standard transmitter (4-20mA) has no load, work at 14.5-45V DC.
 Loop load limit
The max. loop resistance is decided by the voltage of external power supply, the relations are as follows:

Note: The supply voltage range of transmitter with backlight display is 14.5~45V
     The supply voltage range of intrinsic-safety series transmitter is 14.5~28V.
    The working voltage while HART communication should be larger than 17.5V.

Max. overpressure

H: 10MPa

Fault mode
Output code
While discovering the faults of sensor or microprocessor by self diagnosis, the transmitter will output one high or low alarm signal

to prompt the users. The alarm output value is subject to the factory configuration mode of transmitter:
    Linear output: 3.8<I<20.8
C4: I=20.8mA  high fault
CN: I=3.8mA  low fault

Temperature limit
-20℃~+70℃ (ordinary)
-40℃~+85℃ (the highest)
With header: -40℃~85℃  
Larger than or equal to the atmosphere, please see the following table

Table 2: Process temperature limit of  361G transmitter

Temperature drift

Humidity limit
0-100% relative humidity

Starting time
Reach to the performance index within 2s after the transmitter is power up.

Mechanical performance index
Electrical interface
ANSI(American-Standrad) NPT1/2(F) internal thread 
ISO (Chinese standard) M20×1.5 internal thread

Process interface
No process interface (NPT1/4 internal thread on the chamber flange)
With waist-shaped interface: NPT1/2 taper pipe internal thread 
With T-shaped interface: M20×1.5 external thread and back welding connecting pipe (stainless steel)   
With waist-shaped interface matching used with NPT1/2    

pressure-leading transition head and back welding connecting pipe (stainless steel)

Process liquid-contacting piece
Process isolation diaphragm: 316 stainless steel, hastelloy C

Drain/vent valve
316 stainless steel

Process flange and interface
Carbon steel cadmium plate, 316 stainless steel

Non-liquid-contacting piece 
Aluminium die casting IP65
Spraying plastics
Meter cap O-ring
Nitrile rubber

Wiring diagram of terminal side


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