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SS – BG Series General Ball Valve

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SS – BG series
Structural features
     The general ball valve is small in size and compact in structure, which can apply to the occasions with limited space. The valve body can be divided and has outstanding universality and interchangeability, which is easy to replace the vulnerable parts so as to reduce the cost of maintenance. The standard structural material is 316SS. The users can also use other materials according to the usage occasions.
     The compensation valve seat ensures that the ball valve has reliable sealing. Under low pressure, the sealing is obtained by valve seat belleville spring loading on the valve seat. Under high pressure, the valve ball will move to the downstream under the action of medium pressure to make the downstream valve seat bend and strengthen the sealing. The upstream valve seat will, at the same time, keep sealing under the  effects of valve seat belleville spring.
·Total 316 stainless steel structure
·Max. working pressure 20.6MPa (3000psi)
·The highest permissible temperature 232℃ (450℉)
·1/4 circle on and off
·The on and off positions can be locked
·1/8 to 1 in.  and 6 to 25mm aperture
·Compensation valve seat design, elastic loaded   and tapered assembled packing
Before leaving the factory, each general ball valve has passed the 7MPa nitrogen pressure test. There is no bubble
producing in the shell and valve seats within 1min.


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