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WP-304 Series Wireless Intelligent Temperature Transmitter
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WP-304 Series Wireless Intelligent Temperature Transmitter

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WP-304 Series
• Support zigbee standard (IEEE802.15.4) and wireless data transmission with higher security level.
• While connecting to the thermal resistance transducer, it has short-circuit and open-circuit monitoring function;; while connecting to the thermocouple transducer, it has open-circuit monitoring function.
• The parameter configuration of transmitter: by using the 3 built-in operating buttons together with the highlighted LCD display, the parameters of the transmitter can be set locally conveniently. In addition, the remote parameter configuration of the transmitter can be realized easily by protocol converter.
• The rotatable LCD display enhances the flexibility of transmitter installation and displays the percentage of current measured value in the full scale, current measured value and its unit and the sensor type and the diagnostic messages of transmitter etc.
• The protection level of shell is IP65, which can be applied to the outdoor usage.
• Support all the transducers conforming to IEC751 and IEC584.
Technical parameters
Sensor type:
  WP-304XX1: Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100
    WP-304XX2: S, R, B, K, N, E, J, T, WRe3-25
    WP-304XX3: Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100
    S, R, B, K, N, E, J, T, WRe3-25
  Accept the user’s designation
Connection modes
  WP-304XX1: A two/three/four-wire system thermal       
             resistance transducer
  WP-304XX2: A thermocouple transducer and a built-in thermal resistance transducer of a  transmitter can work as the cold junction compensation or set the fixed cold-junction temperature to compensate without connecting to the thermal resistance transducer (The compensation precision will effect the final measurement accuracy.) 
  WP-304XX3: adopt the connection mode of WP-304XX1 or     WP-304XX2 according to the needs.                   
Measurement range
  Appendix 1: List for the inputted sensor types and accuracies                           
Response time
  ≤Sampling period  
The length of cable connecting to the sensor
  ≤3M, impedence of wire<1Ω
Measurement accuracy
Accuracy (Digital measurement accuracy)
  See appendix 1: List for the inputted sensor types and 
Long term drift
  The first year <0.035% full scale 
Effect of ambient temperature
   See appendix 2: Effects of ambient temperature
Rated operating conditions 
Ambient temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Climate level
  4K4H accords with EN 60721-3-4 (Used stationarily in the   occasions without climate protection)
Protection grade     
  IP65/NEMA 4
  Aluminium die casting
Shock resistance 
  Accord with DIN EN 60068-2-29/03.95
  Accord with DIN EN 60068-2-6/12.07
    1.3kg (not including temperature sensor)
  See Appendix 4: Dimensional drawing for wireless intelligent temperature transmitter
Cable sealed tube/sensor connecting thread 
  M20×1.5 other threads need to use adapters
Connection of sensor
  Integrated type
Display and control
Size of display
Display precision
  5 digits
Unit (Switchable)
  ℃ or ℉
 Use the 3 buttons of the panel in the field
Power supply
  +24V DC ±5%
     Battery powered (The service life of battery can reach to 5 years.)*


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