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Fujian Wide Plus and the Provincial Metrology Institute successfully signed the "Belt and Road" cooperation agreement

On the afternoon of October 17, the signing ceremony of the "Belt and Road" cooperation agreement between Fujian Institute of Metrology and Fujian Wide Plus Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Fuzhou. Chi Hui, President of the Provincial Institute of Metrology, and Huang Xunsong, Chairman of Fujian Wide Plus, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches respectively, and Li Jie, Vice President of the Provincial Institute of Metrology, and Zou Chong, Vice President of Fujian Wide Plus, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.   According to the needs of the business development of both parties, the two sides will cooperate in the collection, analysis and judgment of measurement policies, regulations, management requirements, measurement technology and other information in countries along the "Belt and Road", and early warning of measurement technology risks; Through the construction of the technology platform, it guarantees and supports Fujian Wide Plus to establish a reliable and convenient measurement value traceability system for effective measurement equipment, seek progress in a stable manner, and promote the development of overseas projects of enterprises with high quality.  

The national standard of "Intelligent Sensor" drafted by Wide Plus won the "Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Machinery Industry"

Recently, the national standard of "Intelligent Sensor" (GB/T 33905.1~GB/T 33905.5) drafted by Fujian Wide Plus Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. won the honor of "Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award".   Prior to this, there is no international and domestic product standard specifically for smart sensors, this series of national standards based on China's intelligent sensor independent technology, standardize smart sensor related terms and smart sensor performance evaluation methods, and formulate industry rules for application in the Internet of Things industry. In July 2014, the secretariat of SAC/TC124 (National Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation Standardization Technical Committee) organized and established a national standard drafting working group, and the standard project units were the Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economy of Machinery Industry Instrumentation, Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute Co., Ltd., Fujian Wide Plus Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., and Shenyang Instrument Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. GB/T 33905.1~GB/T 33905.5 The national standard has reached the international advanced level.    

WidePlus Corporation attend the HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair 2014

WidePlus Corporation attend the HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair 2014 from September 4th to September 8th,which is the world's second largest watch & clock fair (second size after Basel Swiss watches Exhibition), Asia's biggest watch professional exhibition.It is an important window for watch manufacturers and traders to

Democratic life of the Party branch in FUJIAN WIDEPLUS

On August 29, 2014 WIDEPLUS held a activity named Democratic Life of The Party Branch In FUJIAN WIDEPLUS.

Product training meeting of WIDEPLUS for national agents

After several years of industry adjustment, WIDEPLUS has a qualitative leap on production equipment, product quality and product positioning. In order to make the sales network to know the current situation

Selection of the internal training division

WIDEPLUS selected the internal training division on August 12, 2014. There were 24 staffs who were from different position took part in the first selection.

Activity of the mass line education of Party in WIDEPLUS, friendly match of PingPong

With full enthusiasm and high morale, all athletes participated in the match. In order to ensure the fair and smoothly of game, our referees and staff supplied good service to make the game fair.

The Company Obtains the Project Approval of National 863 Program

Through 15years of research, development, production and innovation, with nearly 2 years of technical preparation, the Company’s project “Technical Study and Industrialization Exploitation of High Precision
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