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CE Approved
Passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification China
Certified by the British Royal UKASISO9001
Russian GOST-R certification
Kazakhstan GOST-K certification
In 1996 the first British Lloyd's Register of "electromagnetic compatibility" certification
People's Republic of holding number 00000123 manufactured measuring instruments
Standards Association of Fujian Province in 2001 was awarded the "high standards of quality" certificate
Run on the 2002 Intelligent Enterprise L series gas flow control device by the National Key New Product Certificate
Obtained in 2002 in Fujian Province Science and Technology Agency issued a "high-tech enterprise" certificate of honor
2003 review by the China National Petroleum Corporation, to obtain access to evidence Tarim Oilfield in Xinjiang
2003 to obtain pressure / differential pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, level transmitter, precision products such as small transmitters and explosion-proof barrier certificate
Since 1999, our company many times to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China / Xichang Satellite Launch Center to provide a large number of instruments, the use of the "Shenzhou" spacecraft, the country has made great contributions to scientific and technological development
To 1991, the state-run enterprises large number of products used in military, aerospace industry, its product performance, quality assurance, the development of China's national defense science and technology 

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