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    China High Precision Automation Group Limited is one of the market leaders in the automation instrument industry and is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of two distinctive but complementary business lines under the Group’s own brand Wide Plus comprising high precision industrial automation instruments targeting the middle to high-end segments of the market and  horological instruments, namely, multi-functional all plastic quartz watch movements. The middle to high-end segment of the industrial automation industry and quartz watch movement market shares the same competitive dynamics: Oligopoly. Our Group researches on and develops high precision automation products, which integrates functions such as calibration, indication, execution and controlling, we also develops complete sets of automation systems. Our products and systems are designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of automated productions for the petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, non-ferrous, electric power, heat-supply, construction material, food, textile, pharmacy, vintage, plastic, water supply, power saving, environmental engineering and numeral other light and heavy industries. Our Group initiated the production of all plastic quartz watch movements, which terminated the domination of Japanese manufacturers, representing a new phase of development of the World’s horological instrument industry.
    The management of the Group, with excellent entrepreneurship, are highly concentrated on and dedicated to business development and market expansion. We are actively seeking opportunities to develop industry related business and to exploit potential markets. In addition to increase the market shares of existing business, our Group always emphases on research and development of new technology and products. Being a hi-tech enterprise and a postal-doctoral scientific research base, our Group’s R&D team consists of  multi-profession top elites of computer science, information engineering, communication technology, electronic engineering, automation control technology, calibration technology, mechanical engineering, material science and precision manufacturing technology. Meanwhile, we have established Omni-directional and deep-seated collaboration with well-known universities such as Tianjian University, South China University of Technology, Shanghai Industrial Automation Institute and Fujian Micro-electron integrate circuit key laboratory, aiming at enhancing the Group’s capability for technology development and innovation.
    Along with the good prospects of the market and leading position in the industry, China High Precision Automation Group Limited has started building bases for the large scale production of high-end instruments. Combining the technology of high precision mechanical processing and the know-how of advanced industrial automation, the Group always creates synergy through the extensive use of electro-mechanics. Together with our intensive and efficient production, we are striving for the invincible leading position in the automation industry.

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